1. :) yummy cumin beef set and pork trotter set @ west coast park

  2. Pineapple Rice @ Publika Food Court

    :D Love anything with pineapples~

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  4. Chee cheong fun @ Publika Food Court

    a direct translation of this noodle is “pig intestine noodle” but have no worries because it is not made out of pigs as well. The only reason is called that is because the noodles are roll up and then cut, making it resembles pig intestine. The noodle itself has no flavor but pair with lovely lovely sweet sauce and sesame seed :)

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  6. Beef Satay @ Saints Bar and Kitchen

    my mum ordered satay in a british bar because of reassoonns~ but still good

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  7. Deep Fried Haggis @ Saints Bar and Kitchen

    I don’t know wether to be happy or disappointed. I am happy that I finally found someone who make haggis in KL but kinda disappointed that it didn’t come wrapped in a sheep stomach. Overall is tasty… but I can’t vouch for how authentic it is

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  8. Mapo Beancurd @ Lucky Sichuan Restaurant

    :D specialty, mapo tofu. This one is burning!

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  9. ChongQing Spicy Deep-Fried Chicken @ Lucky Sichuan Restaurant

    :D a dish of deep fried chicken served with LOTS of chili

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